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Fred Fu and The Family is an organization started to help empower the community through independent artist. We aim to bring alive the artistic nature of our everyday lives to someones else reality. The main goal and focus is to provide a stage or comfort zone for individual artist to preform their talents and grow as artist. Fred Fu and The Family, the coordinator and representative for Canvas of Words Poetry Showcase Series. In our community there are individuals that are looking for ways to have their voices heard. With the lack of resources, people are grieving in silence. The arts allow us to use our struggles, as fuel to have a voice. By creating opportunities for artist to have a voice I am empowering them to no longer remain silent. Through this healing process it is creating ways for others to begin their healing process. Each event hosted, plan, or organize allows the community to dialogue with others, who may not understand the struggles of the community. The sensitive topics we cover reach all generations and races. Seeing the growth of individuals after the events is a way I measure the change we make in the community.